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Quality and Safety

Cutting-edge technology. Able to protect you from yourself

Energy efficiency is not only saving. It also involves using and recycling the right power at the proper time. Thinking about it, Bartz locomotives do optimize the use of their engines, incorporating similar technologies to those currently used by Formula 1 cars: regenerative drive systems that allow battery charging during braking.

But above all is security. The invulnerability of your staff specially concerns us. Therefore we have developed a comprehensive security system at various stages of driving that protects the driver and other working staff in its action area.

Protocols that disconnect power at risk cases, which ensure the safety signs at all times, advanced dead-man systems, that automatically unable the engine to start or advance
in accidental cases... And of course, as required by law, we incorporated the service, parking and emergency brakes.

We’ve thought about all possibilities. We’re ahead of all odds.

Because our mission is not to minimize the risks. It is to suppress them.

When you don’t know where technology ends and where do you start


Our machines are more like you. Because we have not only developed the perfect security locomotives, transforming the cockpit with courtesy lights and LED backlit panels in different systems. We have also enhanced the maximum ergonomics with a seat that fits to the body providing a high comfort level at the workplace. Now, add advanced control systems, replacing traditional control panels with ergonomic joysticks, and enjoy the most advanced vehicle at each mine. Furthermore, in Bartz, for each locomotive model we offer you its ATEX version, available for works in potentially explosive atmospheres that require total protection guarantee.

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