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Locomotive B-8



Technical Characteristics

Approximated Weight   8.000 [kg]
Length without buffers   3.200 [mm]
Width   985 [mm]
Height   1.750 [mm]
Engine Type   OZC-071
Number of Engines   2 [ud]
Nominal Power   24,4 [kW]
Number of Battery Elements   54 [ud]
Battery Voltage   108 [V]
Discharge Capacity in 5h   875 [Ah]
Tractive effort at 25% adherence                                      2.000 [kg]
Tractive effort at 16% adherence   1.280 [kg]
Horizontal towing capacity   80.000 [kg]
Maximum Rail Track Slope   4 [‰]
Speed   10 [km/h]
Minimum curve radius   8  [m]
Maximum Rail Track Gage   650 [mm]
Minimum Rail Track Gage   580 [mm]


Engine Bartz OZC -071

Current Type   Direct
Input Voltage   108 [V]
Input Current   133 [A]
Rated Power   12,2 [kW]
Speed   540 [r.p.m.]
Firedamp protection ATEX version                             IP54
Isolation Class ATEX version   F
Protection Mode ATEX version   I M2 EEx de I 


 Braking System

Mechanical Service Brake to the four wheels by break shoes    
Pneumatic Service Brake to the four wheels by break shoes   (Optional)
Mechanical Sanding System    
Pneumatic Sanding System   (Optional)
Stop brake operated by a pneumatic system   (Optional)
Emergency brake operated by a pneumatic system   (Optional)



Inner antiacid covering    
Battery charge indicator    
2 plugs to the battery (4 plugs for ATEX version)    
Flameproof cables for conecting battery elements    
Regenerative braking (not available for ATEX version)              
For ATEX version, protected battery case I M2 Ex e I    



EU approved "E9" full beam and dipped headlights                  
Warning device with electric horn    
Courtesy lights at the cabin    
Rear view camera with infrared lights   (Optional)
Methane indicator   (Optional)
Battery Charger   (Optional)

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