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Tunnel Boring Machines



Our tunnel building technology gets you there

Big ideas require the latest technology to make it possible today, what seemed impossible just yesterday. Therefore in Bartz, after 25 years dedicating our efforts to technical assistance to tunneling machines and facilities, we are able to optimize the exploitation of large tunnels and all the wide variety of existing cutting tools.

Cutters, rippers, scrapers, brushes, screw augers ... every tool, every part of the solution has been analyzed, repaired and evolved many times by our team. And that experience allows us to offer an extense service as personalized as you need.

Because every terrain is different, each TBM requires different solutions, and each tool has its own function, as only one custom-made solution can provide optimal results.

In this way, we study each factor of the work in advance, analyzing the hardness and abrasiveness of rocks to excavate, the function of each tool involved, and anticipating the wearing away that will apear during the overall process.

Thus, whatever the machinery is, with the knowledge and technological advances that we have developed over 25 years, we are able to improve its performance and lengthen its life, saving costs and time by requiring fewer stops for changes and repairs.

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