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Scrapers & Rippers

Versatile and well known. The most common cutting tools for removing sedimentary and metamorphic rocks, with compression resistance not exceeding 80 MPa, moderate hardness and good penetrability –though often not without a high abrasion- are one of our specialties. Only after thoroughly analyzing the surface to be worked, we determine the type and size of the plates of tungsten carbide (WC) that will make the cut, and the choice and arrangement of this material inserts to protect erosion exposed surfaces.

Besides this, we carefully select the material of the tool’s body from a range of alloy steel. Then, and according to customer needs and requirements, we can cover them with multilayer chromium carbide alloys reaching HRC 60-63, or do it with tungsten carbide alloys for more than 65 HRC, or special provisions of this material alloys for extreme cases where we reach hardness of about 2000HV.

All thanks to a superior equipment wich includes CNC diamond disc cutting techniques, carbon tungsten hard welding technology (controlled atmosphere furnaces, HW cut), etc. In short, the ideal facilities to carry out insurmountable tools.

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