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For cutting and digging rocks harder than 100 MPa, the TBM cutting heads are endowed with cutters that put the surface of the rock under shear stress caused by the penetration of the cutters rings.

Because of this complicated mechanism, the importance of the ring material’s quality and his shape, as the correct calibration of the cutter’s torque, are basic calculations to achieve the most demanding and cost-effective results.

Bartz makes a wide variety of cutters differentiated in terms of geometry and cutting rings adjustment for different types of terrain. We can distinguish our production between single, double, front or gauge cutters, in sizes from 12” to 19”.

We always adapt both geometry and hardness of the cutting rings to customer needs, studying the specific terrain to work.

In short: we study your project. We select the appropriate power and endurance. We maximize the accuracy of the whole equipment ... and we guarantee the only result that can improve even your own expectations.

Rock Characteristics Resistant Ring
Standard ring
Hard Ring
 HOMOGENEITY  Low  Medium  High
 STRENGTH  50-120MPa  120-180MPa  180-280MPa
ABRASIVE  Low  Medium  High

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