Developement and innovation
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Tuning-up, by all means

Preventive and Corrective

Maximum maintenance and repair guarantee begins by having a proper machinery, for our engineers to fully exploit his talent.

At Bartz, we have more than 9.500m2 facilities at Tres Cantos, Asturias, Tarancón and León, with technology like:

  • Drying-polymerized furnaces.
  • Vacuum-Tubs for polyesterimide impregnation up to 12 bar pressure, for up to 1000mm diameters. 
  • Component Extraction systems. 
  • Quality and Measurement Control Systems (dielectric strength testers, insulation testers, Calipers, internal and external micrometers, dial indicators, induced testers, etc.)..

Thanks to all this equipment, following a complex and efficient diagnosis and repair process point by point, we deliver all engines with a static and dynamic balancing certificate signed by an external laboratory. And always with a 6 months warranty.

BARTZ · Avda. de los Artesanos, 52 · 28760 Tres Cantos (Madrid) · Tel: (+34) 91 803 12 12